We are the first offical Turbojugend of Aotearoa/New Zealand- and the most active in the country. Soiling denim since 2003!

A brief history in fleeting memories…
Dark nights in Palmerston North.
Running down the road after a night at Harvesters yelling the words to ‘Get It On’ with Wolfgang
Listening to Turbonegro loudly in the Stomach after a gig one night, calling Skoota and watching Wolfgang giggle with his Christmas eyes.
Plotting to get the new albums by starting the Turbojugend.
Starting the Turbojugend and building a website
Having our first gig at the Valve in 2003…

Aside from the obvious Turbonegro commonANALties, we are a bunch of denim-clad troopers with a penchant for drinking and shouting. We like drinking, we like Turbonegro, we like shouting. Some of us lucky sailors even got to see Turbonegro in Australia last year!

There are 18 of us on this website and registered at Turbojugend.net.
Some of us have jackets, some of us don’t.
Those who don’t are still arguing over who will drive the getaway vehicle.

We’ve got more than enough members and too many dead ones, so membership is closed, and will stay that way.

However, I totally reccommend starting your own Turbojugend! Start by visiting turbojugend.net.
All the best, sailor!