Queens Birthday weekend (Saturday 31st May) saw Yours Truly and Abbie trooping down to Hawkes Bay/Ahuriri to watch Black Chrome in action!

And they were fucking awesome. This is the first time I have seen them at a gig with (their new drummer) Demonica. Black Chrome never disappoint. And it was their ten year bandiversary, cos ten years ago, they played at my 31st birthday party. More on that later. Oh who cares, blah blah it was ten years ago! Let’s all move forward, shall we?

Photos! – some tourist snapshots cos I want all you bastards to recognise what an awesome fucking country we live in. Good enough for a Holiday in the Sun! Mate!


Black Chrome ruled. They played ‘Daphne is a Punk Rocker’ – a song they originally sound checked during that first gig at Valve (Wellington) ten years ago. Greg (bar manager of said venue) liked it so much that he made them play it again… at least three more times.  Legends. And they were supposed to be a Turbo covers band, but then Graeme went and wrote his own songs. And they were actually fucking great! Talented bastard. Bloody artist, etc. They opened with ‘Free Peep’ which has a whakapapa that goes back to a punk rocker and a goth standing outside Valve eyeing up the strippers at Lix on Vivian Street.  Actually, no it doesn’t, I just like telling that story.  They never did write that Shake the Lettuce song.  Sigh. During their set they played ‘Tonite’ which you can listen to here. It’s the same BC I’ve gotten used to, but with a sweeping, refreshing change that adds to the overall sound. More specifically, that’s Monica’s voice. I always think of Valkyries when I hear her voice and her drumming is fucking shit hot! Mon is a member of Turbojugend RocknRoll Vagabonds and an all round top notch lady. I’d venture to say that she rules more than Monica in Faith & the Muse, but then all my Goth mates would stop talking to me. Oh wait… muahahahahaha.

Black Chrome pics! I’m not a band photog, and I totally wish there were more Bodies in denim there. And I knew how to work my camera properly. Oh well. It was like the band were playing just for me. Like that time Bruuuuce said he was gonna play the ‘Born to Run’ LP, then my tunnel vision snapped on and I was the only person in the room. 41 years and I’m a fucking selfish bitch. Wolfgang yelled out this song is for Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee at different intervals, all I heard was Me me! Ahurrhurr! Fuck yeah, No Feelings for anybody else, except for myself! 



Yeah okay, I’m a fucking Liar, cos I had feeling/s (at least one) all weekend long. Ten years of Black Chrome, six years since Skoota passed away. And Craig’s birthday!

Craig and Skatie were in New Plymouth, taking care of the crypt and keeping it real.  They are members of Turbojugend Taranaki (and Aotearoa U-666), which was instigated by Craig on behalf of Alpha Marc, who happens to record Black Chrome.  Whanaungatanga, bebe. Work it out! All the Turbojugends in NZ are connected, and they don’t need to rely on this bloated motherfucker to make it work. Yeaahhhyurrrr.

The photos Craig & Skate posted on the day made me cry. Please don’t tell anyone that, cos they’re gonna think I’m a big sook otherwise. Good lordy, God Save the Queen from this crybaby! Cos nobody else will, ahurrhurr! It’s Craig’s birthday and Skoota’s deathday on May 31st. Plus Clint Eastwood’s birthday if you want to get technical. Skoota passed on the 31st – that’s the last time we saw him alive. To me, that day seems like Halloween here, especially as we pass from autumn into winter. Skoota was a special guy and we’ll never see a dude like him again. But I think that about all of my friends that feature on this website.  Everyone whose name I mentioned, pictures I’ve posted; you’re all special humans to me.

I got too many Problems why am I here? Cos it’s too much fun being alive, that’s why.  It was great to see Black Chrome again. I’ve only seen a few practices this year, but seeing them play on the East Coast/Kahungungu was fabulous.

I visited Napier as a young ‘punk’ before I turned Seventeen and I’m not into Submission. Golden Showers and General Whippings are something else. Ahahahahaa. I think I’ll always be – Pretty Vacant!

Don’t ask us to attend ‘cos we’re not all there – aw don’t pretend cos I don’t care
I don’t believe illusions ‘cos too much is real So stop ya cheap comments – cos we know what we feel

Oh we’re so pretty – oh so pretty
we’re va-CUNT
Oh we’re so pretty Oh so pretty
we’re vacant errrrrrr huuuh?
And um, oh yeah that’s right, we don’t caaaaaaaaaare

Arohanui!! xxx