I don’t mind her playing a demon, baby
As long as it’s with me

So we’d decided to have this meet up, right. I’d drive to Palmy loaded with goodies, and once we picked a date it was on like Bon.
The big date was set for Easter Shatterday. Good Friday I loaded up and headed south. I left my Yellow Wolf with his guardians, all was well at home.

The southron roads have a history of failing and flailing.  Inspect the spot where the Devil left her arm and you’ll be a believer.  AC/DC and Motorhead inspired my paws. I pointed my muzzle to that sunny blot on the horizon.
You gotta keep on running, give it all you got.


Came in panting, ready for some excitement. Some minutes (and an iron grip on my bladder) later, everyone else showed up too. Just as I had my leg cocked and ready for action. Ears down, get inside.

Band time!

That was fun. Benless Chrome, The Black Donnas, it was all on, mate. The most fun I’ve ever had without touching myself, a pencil or chasing a cat.
That fucking good.

Afterwards it was time to sit around and listen to (more) top notch tunes. My ears certainly pricked up. I may have even licked my nose. Here’s some photos so you can stay visually satisfied:

Catching up with everyone was fantastic. It always is, when you’re in this shizness.  Eleven years ago when we started this, I never figured that members would die or that i would move back to my hometown. Let alone raise a pack. It always made me hungry (like the wolf I am) for friends who were and still feel like my family…

So, anyway.  Let’s move forward in time to last Saturday.

AOTEAROA U-666 gathered at Trendwhore’s new abode, bright and early on Saturday afternoon. I was personally very impressed with Betty Cobra’s new boots. But they were a bit too small, so I’ll get her a pair that fit better. Everyone else waited for the President to please stop babbling loudly and taking selfies then we left. No, wait – do we take the crayfish, raw fish, salmon and mussels? Executive decision – we had too much boose to carry. So then we left. See. AOTEAROA U-666. We get shit done. We got a salty mermaid for a President. Even better, we got a Tank Commander who makes executive decisions.

We got to the main fixture of Turbojugend RocknRoll Vagabonds. The mother fucking pizza, tonight was fucking impressive. Then, and only then, with the unholy forces of two Turbojugend combined –  we were ready to rock!

And we watched TURBONEGRO together. I won’t say anything more, except that it was fucking awesome and then we took the feature photo.


 I’m an alligator, I’m a mama papa coming for you

I’m a space invader, I’ll be a rock n roll bitch for you


After a couple of days of being a sick (but not a Skinny) Puppy, I was ready to race home again. Five hours of Motorhead saw me right, mate.

Big fucking thank yous to Trendwhore, Demonica, Denim Druid Attila Von Vagabondage, Thee Overlord, Betty Von Cobra and Wolfgang Blitzer for being fucking awesome.  Again. And All the Time.

A warm, wet, gratuitous across-the-seas-hug to Turbojugend Melbourne for making this weekend possible.

And Turbonegro for being the glue that keeps us together.